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  • Hey there :nice: I'm already done with my uni and it went kinda bad :lol: but im alive :nice:
    how about you? how are you doing lately?

    the weather here got so bad :| at some point it was sooooo hot here but when i got back home from uni, it got colder. :| though im enjoying strawberries :p

    haha my cousin just had a baby too! we met her on easter. so cute :nice:

    last week we had 25C, but this week it's only around 10C :( but it's gonna get better next week :wacko:
    what about yours? :wideeyed:
    heehy thank you :heart:
    i did, thanks :nice:

    so sorry to hear about the uni. awww a park? thats so cool! here the weather sucks so we cant be outside much :(
    thats too bad :hug:
    yeah, i heard the one about wearing green clothes. and if you dont, you get pinched :lol:

    i quite alright...for now :lol:
    yeah, im much better now, thanks :nice:

    hehey, congrats!

    oh, we dont celebrate st.patrick's day :uhoh: is it fun?

    yeah, indeed, it's very good!
    sorry i didnt reply you earlier, i was sick with flu :(

    hey, congrats with your math :thumbsup:
    and how was your chemistry exam? :)

    oh, valentines day, seems so long ago :|

    i just listened to the new panic at the disco song. and i loved it!!!
    oh, how did it go? :nice:

    it was ok :lol: we had a girls night out :awesome:
    what about you? did you do anything special? :wacky:
    eh, im waiting any kind of band basicly :p
    i started again this week :S sucks so bad :|
    owh, tests :( what is it from? good luck with it :hug:

    OMG that is so awesome!! lucky you!! im so envious :bomb: brendon looks adorable :shy:

    i've been waiting for someone to come for 6 years now :| still none
    indeed :awesome:
    though mine is almost over...
    yeah, i passed it :dance:
    sorry to hear that :sad: I hope you will do fine :)

    hahah xD
    my borther has a touch. but yeah, i dont like it :lol:

    yeah, rememeber the day when they anounced that they broke up, i was pretty obsessed with them at the time, so it was a shocker for me :|

    pretty much the same here, except miracles dont happen here :lol:
    heh, thanks, it was awful :awesome: today i had the last one (informatics) i think i passed it, but i dont know the mark yet. i dont feel too good about it :blank:

    but its over now, and i have 2 weeks of vacation :surprised:

    exactly! i dont want to have "touch" either. it's too damn difficult to use one.

    oh, thats awesome! i know few MGMT songs and i used to be a huge Panic fan few years ago. Not so much now, but still, they are very good! I'm so happy for you! cause no one comes to lithuania. ever. only people like kylie minogue or enrique iglesias :disappointed:
    nope, one more to go. today i passed algebra!! im so happy right now!!! :cool:

    what kind of phone it is? :wacko:

    ooh, what kind of gig? :wacky:
    thank you :heart:
    two are left. and they are the worst ones :disappointed:

    i have my phone for 2 and a half years now :thinking: i keep dropping it, but that thing is very durable :lol:
    oh, go to the beacg :whip: i would if i had a chance :blank:
    it's so weird, it seems like only yesterday it was chirstmas, but now the holidays are over :disappointed:
    cellphone? awesome :thumbsup:
    i mainly got chocolate and money :lol:
    nah, my lectures start at february. january is a month of exams. my next exam is on friday :blank: i guess im gonna be studying tomorrow all day long :lol:
    i really did :awesome: so now it's so hard to go back to that city :disappointed:

    did you get a lot of presents? :nice:

    may your 2011 be the best year ever :kiss:
    i have so much work to do, but i did nothing on holidays and it's almost over :lol:
    it really was amazing. i hope your christmas were amazing too :nice:
    haha xD it's still snowing here. every single day. now it's like 50cm of snow here :blank:

    Im sorry i didnt wish you merry christmas. i really hope you had a good ones :) now have a good new years party ;)
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