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    because :bigcry:

    now, I'm spamming your profile, sowey! I'm not usually like this!
    How could she say that when you obviously went to Southampton Uni with me.... tut tut... !
    No, seriously, I hadn't noticed your chattishness at all, not at all :stunned: :lol:

    You are my friend now... *evil laugh*!
    Ooh you are a pale dark-hair person like me. I bet you don't get accused of being a goth ALL THE TIME though :( Also, you kind of look a lot like someone I know... it's a small city :D

    You do realise that once I actually know how you look, I WILL stop you in the street and talk to you :p

    Nurses aren't shy :lol:
    There's no time for a pain au chocolat right ? :wacky:
    They are tasty anytime ! :dance:
    Enjoy your afternoon !
    :lol: True. I am guilty of this. I basically use facebook as a lazy point of contact for family and old girlfriends, hence all the kissy messages I have.

    BUT I HATE THEIR FARMS. And their cafes.

    ERM.... competitions... A vomit marathon. That is all I'm saying. :facepalm:
    If I add you, I'm not going to get spam every day about your farm, am I? Or half-messages about your horoscopes? Just checking, because I don't think I could cope with any more lonely brown cows or lost black kittens or ugly ducklings. And I certainly don't want any more requests from people asking me to fertilise their farms or EAT THEIR DIGITAL FOOD... :bigcry:

    Actually, I kinda hate facebook :lol:

    I kind of have a tendency to get really drunk and then rally up all the regular drinkin-mah-breakfast-at-9am wetherspoons crazies on special occasions and then enforce hug-fests for all. Yes, ENFORCE them.

    I've also been known to start toilet competitions. You don't want to know :lol:
    I'm usually the one with a hand clasped tightly round a neat whiskey, either:
    a) raving about the wonders of the universe
    b) finding religion
    c) passed out in the corner
    d) flirting with old men
    e) collecting alcoholics
    f) forgetting how to speak english
    g) getting kicked out

    I am a bad drunk :(
    Anyway, Mr Ceck. It's not likely to happen, since I am always working early at the weekend :(
    So you can work safe in the knowledge that I probably won't be prowling the aisles for you... :bigcry:
    :lol: You could hide. But I could just use my super-stealthy talents to sneak into your warehouse. ;)

    But honestly, why hide from me? I am not scary like Crests here :p
    Damnit :D It was in the evening. I finished at half 1 too... but hey, at least I know exactly WHEN and WHERE I can track you down now ;) [/creepy]

    On the plus side, a nice girl reminded me not to forget my loo roll :nice:
    Hey! I went to Sainsburies and there were LOADS of these young people there! How do I know which one is you? :p

    I actually may have been stalking round like a veliciraptor, too... My beloved kept looking at me funny :lol:
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