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Jan 2, 2012
Jun 20, 2005
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Oct 18, 1988 (Age: 30)
Cairo. (Sometimes Cheltneham, UK)

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Semi-retired, 30, from Cairo. (Sometimes Cheltneham, UK)

burningmonk was last seen:
Jan 2, 2012
    1. Darlene_Ihnfsa
    2. Violet
      Awww, thanks. :nice:
    3. Noémie
      Hi :)
      I'm glad you liked my mixtape!
      Let me know what you think of Sufjan Stevens and Belle and Sebastian! :)
      I'm also gonna look into Fucked Up, cause I don't know them well.
      Btw, has your mixtape partner already reviewed your mixtape and have you already posted the tracklist? I'm curious to know what tape you made ;)
    4. Gitta Rensolo
      Gitta Rensolo
      I can still get depressed sometimes yeah....most of the time, because my best friends have moved away and now I feel really lonely....but I can live with it and look in the future which will hopefully be better ( I am not stopping to believe in that)....so yeah...my life is really ok at the moment....

      are you happy with your life at the moment?

      (message was too long.....therefore 2 VMs)
    5. Gitta Rensolo
      Gitta Rensolo
      but I think that's what internetships are for. They can show you in which direction you should go....oh travelling sounds really good...where do you consider going? I'd love to do some more travelling too, but since I work I can't....but I can save up some money to do it in the future...I don't know....at the moment I am rather stuck at this place....can't wait for spring/summer when I finish this...
      The apprenticeship is ok....it is not my dream job though and there are some things going wrong (having to do with my boss and those who are in charge) but I don't really care about that anymore....so I will finish this and then I will say byebye...on the one hand it is nice to work in a music shop...it can be really interesting...but on the other hand it can be monotone....I don't know but it feels like every day is the same and I don't have too much time for hobbies anymore which sometimes makes me feel sad...
    6. Gitta Rensolo
      Gitta Rensolo
      yesss a year ago....I couldn't believe that either...time flies so fast. It is definitely too long Moho. awww congrats on finishing uni and that internship sounds really interesting. Do you know what to do afterwards?
      Oh well not that much happening here recently.....my life is actually pretty much the same like it was last year hahah....I am still doing that apprenticeship in the music shop and all that stuff.....but from what I read of last year I seemed to be really depressed....well I am not THAT bad now...
    7. Gitta Rensolo
      Gitta Rensolo
      Omg Mo...I have seen you around and then I checked your profile and saw that the last time I have talked to you was exactly a year ago....

      How's life?:hug:
    8. LiquidSky
      Happy Birthday, mo!:D
    9. Darlene_Ihnfsa
      Happy 2010, have a great year.
      Best wishes.
      make each day be full of joy.

      ...| |...
      ...| |...
      ...| |...
      ...| |...
      ...\ /...
    10. Gitta Rensolo
      Gitta Rensolo
      Thank you Mo....I really hope it will. I am feeling rather helpless currently...:\

      thanks....that's so sweet....I really hope it will change soon....I'm just so unhappy----:bigcry:

      buuut.....my band'S back on again:nice:
    11. Gitta Rensolo
      Gitta Rensolo
      awwww well....everything sucks....my boss is an asshole...I am not able to go to school...so I work as much as anybody else everyday, but for less money...there are so many things and it is complicated to explain it in english...:\

      it just sucks...:bigcry:

      oh well....don't ask....it sucks as well:bigcry:
      I am a hopeless case....ahhhh
    12. Gitta Rensolo
      Gitta Rensolo
      ahhh that sucks:(

      hehe yeah....well sometimes I think I shouldn't always say this....like I currently do...:disappointed:

      awwww.....I am glad to hear that:wacko:
    13. Gitta Rensolo
      Gitta Rensolo
      what happened?:(
      Haha this is what I am constantly saying to myslef "Thing s could be much worse..." my life and esp. my apprenticeship is super fucked up currently....many people seemto realise this except me...because I am the one who usually says that sentence above....oh damn...:confused:

      How's love life?:wacko:
    14. Gitta Rensolo
      Gitta Rensolo
      what a good idea Mo:wacko:

      anyways......how is life treating you?:kiss:
    15. Gitta Rensolo
      Gitta Rensolo
      ahhhh I've been addicted to Tommy again lately...before I hadn't listened to them in ages, either...so turn them back on....:wacko:

      I've been ratgher addicted to the Doors...:wacky:
    16. Gitta Rensolo
      Gitta Rensolo
      Moooo....omg I miss you on here:kiss:
      I've thought of you yesterday, because I was searching for some Keith Moon pics hehe...
    17. RICK8
      Mo,have a great birthday..:dance:
    18. Gitta Rensolo
      Gitta Rensolo
      Moooooooooo.....happy happy birthday:kiss:
      I hope you had a great day:daisy:
    19. Boreas
      I don't know if you remember me, you made me the mixtape. And I want to thank you for introducing me to Shearwater. Rook is really good. I'm an instant fan, haha.
      Thanks again :thumbsup:
    20. Gitta Rensolo
      Gitta Rensolo
      Oooh I work ina music shop which sells instruments and sheet music...I'd rather want to sell Cds, but maye I can do that in the future....well I don't either what I should do after that apprenticeship....it sucks to be so unsure sometimes...but there are still 2 years left hehe...

      oh I think uni time runs so fast...if I was still at uni I would also have only one year left..

      yeah it was a funk band...we also played some Santana...and Jamiroquai...we were pretty good...I hope we will play again soon...:\
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    Oct 18, 1988 (Age: 30)
    Cairo. (Sometimes Cheltneham, UK)
    Music, Football and other less serious matters.


    Serve me the sky with a big slice of lemon.