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  • I've seen Blur in 2009, yes. Hyde Park. And I've seen Coldplay at Wembley, 2009, and the O2 Arena, London, 2011. You?

    Blur and Coldplay were my first two gigs, and the greatest two I've ever been to. Made me want to become a musician.

    You're in for a treat!
    Hi. As I say, I'll send you a message when my Blur tickets arrive, that way you'll be expecttant for yours!
    hello! I'm sorry, I just checked this message!! Yes I went to London last weekend but I couldn't go to see them. I was near Camdem but I was in a group with other 6 people and it wasn't that easy. I may come back one of this weekends since I'm living in Edinburgh for the moment. I'll let you know :D
    Cheers :D
    Hi bRITAnka!
    I think you wanted to reply to Katja's message, but instead you reported it to the mods. :)
    If you want to reply to visitor messages, just click on "View Conversation" and enter your message into the text field.
    Welcome to the board! :cheesy:
    You had soooomuch luck, Rita!!!
    It´s my dream to meet them anytime!!!
    I´m really happy for you and great pics!!!!:)
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