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  • Goddag bonjour Sofia ! :) I'm good too thank you ! so I was on travel in Danemark with my family ^^ and we went to Sweden as well !! OMG it's 9 years ago...I hope to go there again soon : it's soooo great and beautiful :D Hope to talk with you soon, hej då, kyss
    Goddag miss ! :) How are you ? I'm Guillaume from Le Mans (as you see) ^^ I loooove so much coldplay -of course- since 2002 ! I like Sweden, people the landscape : I ever been there near from Malmö and I ever been in Helsingborg ^^ I hope to talk with you soon ;)
    ahah, i mean, the OLD coldplay.com message board, in the official site, not this one x) i was asking if u ever went there, 4 years ago
    oh here's goes from 7-18°C I think... but the "thermic sensation" might be very cold at nights so. Bet in Sweden gets a lot colder so I shouldn't complain that much. :p

    So you already graduated! wow! I think I saw the graduation picts, not sure if it was here. Did you get many presents? don't you feel quite bored now that you aren't doing much? Is cool that you will aim for a job! I wish I could have a job an earn some money... I'm quite in broke right now. :p Having a girlfriend can be very expensive, you know?

    Oh, uni starts again on Monday... which sucks big time. :cry2: This is when officialy Easter breaks finish in my country. By the way I study Chemistry. I know a person from Sweden :smug: besides you... hope I can go there someday.
    haha well my birds belong to the nice kind of birds although they can be pretty loud at night. Luckely I'm a heavy sleelper :)

    How warm is it over there now? Here it goes from like 6 to 16 degrees which is quite annoying because I want warm weather and summer so I can go swimming with my friends.

    What do you study? Aw yeah school can be pretty tiring :/ When does school start again? I graduated from high school last year but now I don't really know what I want to do but I think what I want the most is to work this summer and earn money so I can travel in the fall :nice: would be great
    ohhh birds are fun... :wacky: specially when they poo on your head or wake you up in the early morning... right?

    here... the weather here is nice... just a bit cold sometimes in my opinion. It's been raining lately... uni is hard, still feeling quite worn out... exam next week... oh God. Seems like I didn't rest very much this Easter break-
    I see your computer doesn't like me, eh. :sad:

    But hello friend! XD How's living in the marshes of Bolka, Sweden going?
    i was about to post "yeey, a coldplayer who's also a lost and delirious fan!" but then i saw ur name below, and i'm wondering, were u in the coldplay.com message board?
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