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  • Hey Beth, yeah, no word yet about Tampa, but if they're really attaching it to the Latin America tour I think you will still need to wait.

    You might want to chech this thread for people who might sell Wembley tickets :wink:
    But you should come to Europe next time :p

    Anyway, I asked Elena and she said there is no problem to sell the tickets to you if we can't make it tothe rescheduled show (which is 99% sure). Tough I must warn you they're not the best and they're not together, if I remember correctly they should be sec. 10, seat 40 row H and seat 38 row J or something similar, one row and few seats apart..I guess you can probably aim for the pit as I don't think all the people who were supposed to go can make it to the new date, therefore more tickets will be made available..well I hope so for you, it's always better to be in the pit :D
    Hi Beth :D

    Yes we went to Tampa, we had our flight booked so we might as well go anyway, we met with other two girls from the board coming from California anc Chicago, and spent the day together searching for Coldplay related spots around (like the marina in St. Petersburg where they filmed The Hardest Part video).

    I'm back home right now, arrived yesterday after four days in London..it's really hard to get back to work, I'm not doing much today, I still need my time to recover. I don't think I will be able to attend the rescheduled show. As for the tickets, I guess we still have to wait and see if and when they reschedule and I have to ask Elena as well since it was a friend of her who bought them for us and she already told him to ask for the reimbursement whenever LiveNation let us do so.

    The pics are on the Charlotte thread, from here on :nice:
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