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  • thank you too.. ;)

    oh i know about the college life.. it was frustrating cause i failed two times but finally made it!
    hope that you´ll make it felicia!..

    uuh i´ve never heard of gil ofarim and i think i didnt miss anything ;)
    how can he still be popular? :D
    but its okay if you liked him;)

    the coldplay concert in hamburg was at 14 th of september..
    the 4 th june was the day the album leaked in justin timberlakes forum..!!!
    the concert was brilliant and i was close to the stage! i will never forget this day.
    maybe i´ll go again this year. i ´m thinking of going to Bern (switzerland)..

    when did you start listening to coldplay?
    yeah thats life!
    i grew up in franconia (thats a part of bavaria). then i lived two years in hamburg (in the north).
    ..yeah and in hamburg i have seen coldplay for my first time!!! :)
    but now i m back at ´home´.. i didnt want that but it came up that way.
    i wanted to start a round the world trip and therefore i had to come back..
    but me and a friend of mine didnt start finally..
    so i stuck here in the middle of nowhere :(
    last year many things went wrong. the only thing which hepled me out was coldplay!
    there happened so many nice things, that was amazing!..

    and you´re from malaysia!? you go to college with rudy? :D
    how long you have to go there til you have exams?
    have nice days til college begins!! ;)
    Hi hun! Yeah...I am back to work...and I still find it hard to get in shape.

    Yes, Barcelona in Sept - certainly, although I haven´t got a ticket yet and the reason is that I have been up to so many things that I cannot commit to anything so far away in time now.

    Which concert are you going to?! I have all day long been listening to ´´Lost´´ and it´s in my head how I am witnessing that live:) I cannot wait!

    Do you have a Facebook account? It turned out that the pc in my house doesn´t always give me access to the forum... We can share more info and pics as well. But don´t worry if not...I will be replying with a little bit of a delay from here:))
    Hi dear! I am back in Spain...a horrible flight cause Bulgaria was covered in deep snow...Now I am back to my everyday routine. Work, work..less fun. I have plans to change that this year, though...What are you up to?! We can go to a Coldplay concert some time, yeah?! My friends here are not big fans...unfortunately...Hugs xxx
    oh noooo.dont say that...
    i hate it when chris acts like that with jonnyboy.

    oh yeah i sooooo wanna see them live.
    n nowadays they are called the best live act arnt they?
    its like"how long must you wait for them?for them?"thing going on

    even i like keane.
    snow patrol n one republic just one or two songs

    otherwise i like green day,poets of the fall,nickelback(sorta),creed,pearl jam.i cant remember any more.i'll have to check my facebook profile
    I loove Chris so muchhhhhhh.
    he is my top most celeb crush

    wow .you must be super intelligent.coz personally i suck at anything even remotely connected to numbers.(maths,physics,economics,stats,remembering ppl's birthdays n anniversaries)

    yup geography.its such a long word.we have short forms for everything.
    Climo,geamo,pop etc

    so im askin eveybody this question........have you seen them live?
    n which are the other bands u like?
    i do get witty sometimes.
    Oh i dunno i ve becum an adult officially ........so i feel kinda old

    watcha studyin?
    im doin geogo .im in college
    Great! I am so happy to have you as a friend:) Yes, it is a tough winter out here...

    I have been living and working in Spain for a few months now...the job is okay, I adore Spain but sometimes I miss my family and friends a lot here. I am working as a PR & Marketing consultant in an international company. What do you do? Study or work?!

    Have you travelled to Europe before? I do not know that part of the world at all...Are you from the capital?! Sorry for the loads of questions...I am so excited about my new friendship:)))
    It feels like Im some Coldplay album.....with the Gigi or Srijani
    Call me Gigi its easier
    Yup I'll be 18 n I feel really old for sum reason
    Yippeee your mum is a goat(capricorn) like me!!!
    nah i m not plannin a party.got bored of them.


    so what do u do?
    Hi Felicia! Very nice to meet you too :) I do not have any friends from Malaysia but now I am glad that it's changed!!! Happy new 2009! I am sure it can only be better than 2008, right?!

    I spent last night's celebrations at home with my family as well. I don't know what the weather is like over there but here is -10 degrees Celcius - I hate when it is freezing outside...I have also been sad that I am leaving for Spain again in two days and I am not seeing my family very often.

    How old are you?! I am 24:)
    Happy new year to u 2
    My name is Gigi(my pet name)
    or Srijani(my official name)
    Im really exited right now tomo is my birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    so what about u?
    n yeah my stupid exams are coming up
    Hi! I am very well...looking forward to this year to finish - it's been a very hard one for me! How about you?! How are you going to celebrate tonight (what time is it over there?! Could it be that you are already in the new year?!!:)) ? My name is Vladi, I am from Bulgaria. And you?!
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