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  • Hey I read your message, I'm glad you got both cards!
    Good luck on your exams I'm sure you did it great!
    Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2014 full of
    lovely surprises. Best of luck!
    I went to Summer Sonic and it was good because I saw them there, but I had to wait long hours and it was too hot there...
    I'm really happy to hear news from you and know that you're doing ok.
    It's amazing just to remember what happen, but lets just hope that everything will be alright.

    Take care.

    Hey Rie, I'm terrible sorry for all the crazy stuff that is happening, please let us know if you and your family are alright.
    Hi Rie,

    I have spent all day in shock watching the news and pictures from Japan, it is just unbelievable...

    I hope and pray you and all your loved ones are safe.

    All our thoughts are with all of the Japanese people.

    Hi Rie!

    I'm pretty good thanks, how are things in Japan? I'm glad autumn's arrived and is nice and warm, but yet a huge break from that awful heat of the summer :)

    Haha, yes it was strange about Laura - I think we got talking and then I saw you were on her friends list so I wondered if you'd met! It's a small world!

    I'll try to write an email soon (you know I'm pretty useless at keeping up with emails by now I'm sure!) and send you my new address.

    Take care my friend :)

    Hi Rie,

    how lovely to hear from you. Hope you're doing well.
    Yes, we've been talking about you with Pete as it turned out we both know you :) I moved to London so I thought it's time to meet up with fellow Coldplayers in person:)
    I really liked the picture, you're flag was just the perfect match to Lovers in Japan ;)

    O-genki? Tenki wa??

    Forgive my bad Japanese please, I'm finding I lose more and more everyday, and I miss it so very much...

    I'm well thank you! How are you? Thanks so much for your email and I'm really sorry I haven't written back. I've been meaning to for absolutely ages, I'm just useless at emailing sometimes. I will soon, I promise!!

    Lovely to hear from you, I can't believe it's been almost a year, wow :eek::cry:

    Your friend,

    Hi Rie,

    Thanks for your tweet about the question to the Oracle - thought I'd try and give Guy a nudge :lol:

    Hope you are well,

    Hi! soory for a longtime reply:shame:
    Oh, as I've wrote about Lovers In Japan in Tokyo, I think its really just incredible feeling to listen this song in Japan:rolleyes: probably even cooler that to listen Amsterdam in the same city!:)
    PS and I've really been at all this shows on your sig?! :bomb:
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