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Coldplayer who also enjoys listening to twenty one pilots, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco, Green Day, HAIM, Ed Sheeran, and Coldplay Coldplay Coldplaaaaay.
[sorry, bit over excited from my first concert I went to June 2017 - never forget]

I also love books and series, loads of fandoms, I love living in different worlds, and floating in outer space (that happens when I listen to Coldplay music).

Anyways, I partially also live in scotland, am currently studying English and Film and plan to become opening act for Coldplay in a few years. Yup, I write stories and also music. I'm mediocre at piano, guitar, and electric guitar, but I'll tell ya I'm pretty damn groovy when it comes to that bass.
Only need to get my hands on some of those drums, then I can finally get the abs and muscles I'd never get otherwise, since I'm allergic to sports.

If anyone ever happens to read all of this and agree, please let's be friends.
Nov 27, 1998 (Age: 20)
Coldplay concerts
Favourite Coldplay member?
Your favourite Coldplay album?
Favourite Coldplay song
Charlie Brown
Country Flag


Will looked at me and smiled


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