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  • Please forgive me, Amber! I am so very sorry that I didn't notice that coldplaycrackhead was your account. I AM SORRY PLEASE FORGIVE ME.
    Oh, haha, its ok! It's just to keep an even playing field, and that's what makes the game so enjoyable too! You get to a point where you have to take down a song that you might really like, you just have to know which one you like more. :D
    Hey Amber, not to harp on you or anything, but I've noticed on the Elimination Game thread, you're only adding one! You also have to subtract from another song too! Just keep that in mind please! thanks!
    Is it both Chris? The first one sounds like Will...

    All right, the first one:
    Ik ben een ezel, jij bent een ezel.
    Ik hou van jou.
    Ik ben een ezel, jij bent een ezel.
    Ik hou van jou.
    Ik vind dat stro lekker
    Ik vind dat springen leuk
    Ik ben een ezel, jij bent een ezel,
    ik hou van jou.

    In English:
    I'm a donkey, you are a donkey.
    I love you.
    I'm a donkey you are a donkey.
    I love you.
    I like straw,
    I love to jump.
    I'm a donkey,
    you are a donkey.
    I love you.

    Second one:
    Jij hebt die hele mooie ellebogen, hele mooie ellebogen, hele mooie ellebogen.
    Jij hebt die hele mooie ellebogen, ik hou van jou ploem ploem ploem.

    In English:
    You have those really beautiful elbows, really beautiful elbows, really beautiful elbows.
    You have those really beautiful elbows, I love you, ploom ploom ploom. (Lol, that doesn't mean anything:p)

    That was really weird to do:p
    I like your favorites! Those are also beautiful songs!
    I just noticed; I forgot two songs I really love. Not because they're beautiful, but just because they always make me laugh. I think you'll know them: "ik ben een ezel", en "Mooie ellebogen." These songs are both Dutch, and it's really funny to hear them sing in my own language:)

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_KEywyqruE"]Coldplay - Ik Ben Een Ezel [live & acoustic] - YouTube[/ame] ^ Will singing

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8hS4AxlBzg"]Coldplay - Mooie Ellebogen [live & acoustic] - YouTube[/ame] ^ Chris

    The lyrics are really random:)
    Shall I try to translate it for you?

    I've seen them once, last year. I had no tickets for another concert, in 2008, so I waited outside, I could still hear them :)
    And I'm going to see them in the near future, the 6th of September:)
    You never know, maybe they'll come to China once...;)
    I feel sorry for you..:(

    My top 10? That's really difficult!
    Probably something close to this:

    #1. Moses (I'm sure about this one!)
    #2. How You See The World no.1
    #3. Crests Of Waves
    #4. Animals
    #5. High Speed
    #6. I Bloom Blaum
    #7. Sleeping Sun
    #7. Pour Me (live at Hollywood Bowl)
    #8. Shiver
    #9. Postcards From Far Away
    #10. Warning Sign

    I think it's something close to that, but it depends on day.:)
    And yours?

    Oh, and I was wondering.. Have you ever seen Coldplay live?
    Yes, I play in some bands and orchestra's. As you probably know, I play the violin. In the bands, I'm the guitarist, and sometimes piano.
    Suede? Never heard of! Can you please send me some videos?:)
    It's 14.22 P.M. here, in The Netherlands. I had a gig yesterday evening, so I'm a bit tired now;)
    I'm going to Italy for holiday, haven't been there for a while. I'm looking forward to it! And I'm also going to write some new covers and songs for my band, I think..

    I feel sorry for you, hope you'll be better soon! <-- Dunno if that's a correct English sentence:p
    When is your vacation? And what are you going to do?:)
    Your English isn't poor! (mine is!:))
    I'm fine, thank you! First day of summer holiday for me! :dance:
    And you? How are you?
    I'm trying not to push too hard but I have to.
    And yeah, that's a great idea! I may need help with some homework next school year and you may need some help learning English now so that is a very great idea!
    I wish I did. The boring French class I had the semester after brainwashed me. I only have a few words memorised and a lot of worksheets.
    So all in all, I used some Google Translate and some from memory.
    Ni Hao ZhenZhen :) how are you ??? I can´t wait to go one day in China !!!!!! thanks to say all this pretty things and of course you´re welcome here in France and Spain :) you´re at home here.

    Hope to talk to you soon!

    Zai Jian! Kisses from Barcelona
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