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  • Hello! :) I see you have received my card! So cool! Could you PM the pics you posted on the Santa thread? They are not loading on my browser, not sure why...
    Salut Alice Kalimera :) je vais très bien merci à toi !!! tu parles très bien français BRAVO :) Happy to hear that you love france and french people :D that´s soooo wonderful that you´re a huge fan of coldplay time by time ;) I agree with you that they´re amazing guys and very talented musicians !!! Yeah I ever been in Greece I was in Athens, in the peloponese, Olympie, and some islands too but lot of years ago as I said to you but I really enjoyed it I like Greece it´s soooo beautiful and your culture is very impressive and important as in Egypt :D I live in Barcelona now hehe but all my familly live in France :D I hope to talk to you soon !!! Viva la Vida Alice and thanks for your messages
    Hey Alice I'm Guillaume thanls a lot for added me :) How are you? Since how long do you like coldplay?? :) according to me since 2002 I really love them but I used to like Yellow and Trouble before but i didn't knew them too much in 1998 ^^ anyway i´ve ever been in Greece it was on 1994 ... near 20 years ago woooow ... See you soon Alice! Ciao kisses from Barcelona
    haha well once you see it you're addicted to it here is a link to see the 'modern' series :nice:
    yes, well it hurt quite a lot now less than when I came home from school but I still feel it though :(
    yes I hope it'll be over soon
    me neither, they better start filming soon :whip:
    it's horrible to wait but now it seems like it'll be quite easy :p
    just search something else (like watching all of Doctor Who, where can I see the first to the eight doctor??)
    and then you can do it :nice:

    oh at judo today I hurted my back pretty bad :(
    :nod: never been to the islands though but I really want to go once :wacky:
    yeah it's pretty cool here :p would be great if you could come
    oh really :cheesy:
    I went to Athens during Easter holidays 2 years ago with my fam, guess just in time because afterwards all those protests became worse
    but it was amazing
    well nothing special actually
    wow seems like a weird thing, I get why you don't trust it :nod: I didn't know they were going to Torino and that places :uhoh:
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