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  • eh shit... looks like that video was finally taken down... though it did last a lot longer than I expected. the only way I can think of seeing it is waiting until it comes on tv, or going to atease and downloading it.
    awesome! must've been fun! I've been alright, mainly keeping busy with work, though I'm really excited for friday because I'm seeing Paul McCartney live (for the 3rd time :lol:).

    ah yeah the BBC removed pretty much all of the videos. Briggins sent me this link which still works (surprisingly)... the whole performance is great! Feral and The Daily Mail are really amazing! let me know what you think

    hey! how's it going?

    I saw you favorited the RH from the basement performance. So what'd you think of it? What songs did you like? or not as much?
    Hey Alice... no problem! I've been alright... mostly just keeping busy at work and my internship. Also been trying to get more in shape and eat healthier, but besides that nothing really. How about you? I also hear from a little bird...haha, that someone is coming to visit you pretty soon. I'm sure it'll be really great! You both must be really excited to see each other :nice:

    Also how did your exams go? Did you find out the results?

    Ah nice! That's cool you're going to a festival! There aren't really any good festivals this summer to be honest. The best ones I have seen were Coachella and Lollapalooza I think. Hopefully next year will be better, though they're very far away.
    haha! yeah I love concerts... if there's one thing I love to do it's that... if it was up to me I'd go once a week at least! :lol:

    that's cool! I've never really listened to them but I hope they're really good! Does France have any good music festivals at all? Here the US has a bunch of them, but there's no East Coast festival which sucks.

    ah cool!
    oh that really sucks! At least it's fixable and you didn't have to buy a new one.

    I saw Malajube, Wintersleep, and Besnard Lakes on Friday, and then Karkwa before that.

    thanks! :nice:

    awesome! I'm glad you liked it! Only a few people I know here have listened to it so far (briggs, greg, lore), but everyone seemed to enjoy it.
    ah no worries. That really sucks that you broke your laptop :( Did you send it in to get it fixed or do you have to buy a new one? I know if it happened to me I'd be lost without it :lol:

    Yeah, well I hope that you did well and I'm sure you did! And you'll have a great time in Manchester next semester!

    I've been good! I've gone to a few shows lately, and actually tonight going to see a piece by Jonny Greenwood played live by an orchestra (Doghouse) as well as some other pieces by Philip Glass and Eno/Bowie, which I'm excited to see. Also I heard there's a good chance I might get hired as a full-time employee from my internship which I'm happy to hear about. Besides that, that's really it!
    Yeah I know some people who are family friends of one of my friends that are lawyers... they do have to work a lot and devote a lot of time, and also can be time consuming. I'm surprised that criminal lawyers wouldn't be around much now... I thought there's always room for them. But yeah I can understand where you might not want to sacrifice family time or whatever. Either way so long as you're doing something you really enjoy or love, that's all that really matters. Alright... have a goodnight!

    That sounds pretty cool! That sounds like it should be quite a good experience to do. Do you know what kind of law you might want to do?
    also I don't know if you'll like them, but you should check out this band called Other Lives new album Tamer Animals available to stream here: http://hypem.com/#!/artist/Other%20Lives

    It's a really great album, and might be my favorite of the year! I'm recommending it just because some of their work reminds me of Radiohead and I know you like them
    yeah... that's still a lot of tests to take in a short span like that.

    I got my Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. But my more narrowed down field is Graphic Design. My internship is working for this company that sells and designs posters. So I've been working on designing and creating various posters and also working on a catalog book... it's really awesome! I'm hoping it will lead to a job.

    What is your major? or what do you hope to do as a career?
    :lol: yeah. I always enjoy a good debate.

    Well At least two of them went pretty well, but still that's a lot of tests to take! At least the good thing is that you have time to study. When you made that thread I thought you had to take all of your exams in the span of like a few days or a week...haha! Best of luck on your exams so you can get into that school next year! :nice:

    Well for here it's not Uni or I didn't go to a university but a college. I graduated a year ago, but unfortunately haven't gotten any kind of fulltime job relating to my degree (although I'm doing an internship now)
    looks like this whole torture debate has gotten quite heated :lol:
    But I appreciate your as well as Greg and Chuck's insight into into because it has helped me to change my mind on the issue.

    Anyway I just wanted to see how your exams went, since I know last week you were really worried about them.
    Ouuuulah! En effet tu n'es pas la seule, et je peux utiliser l'excuse des exams aussi mais j'avoue que si ça me manquait vraiment je pourrais trouver le temps pour venir ici :tongue:

    Je veux bien croiser les doigts maintenant, c'est juste un mois et demi trop tard mais bon^^ Comment ça a été alors? Erasmus en Angleterre ça doit être tellement bien! D'ailleurs j'ai appris que tu devais rencontrer des gens sur place héhéhé

    Bon, je crois qu'on ferait mieux de s'envoyer des MP sur last.fm si on veut se répondre plus souvent que tous les 2 mois xD Bisous!
    Merci! Oh je n'achète pas tout non plus, et heureusement. Sinon y'a la musique en ligne :nice:
    C'est sur que c'était pas vraiment les mêmes moyens que Plastic Beach, donc y'a certaines chansons qui n'ont pas retenu mon attention mais j'adore Revolving Doors et Amarillo :wacky:
    En parlant d'hyperactivité, j'espère que 2011 sera prospère pour lui :mellow:

    Alors, bientôt finies ces révisions?
    Bonne année au fait!
    Tu es la fille la plus difficile à satisfaire que je connaisse D: Enfin musicalement parlant :tongue:
    Guns of Brixton est géniale, d'ailleurs tu devrais écouter la reprise d'Arcade Fire, que j'adore aussi :}
    Je ne connaissais pas Police and Thieves mais je vais me rattraper! Haha c'est pas possible, je comprends pas xD
    Hahaha non ça doit être toi qui est pas normale :tongue: Je sais pas, je dois me laisser un petit temps de réflexion avant de réécouter la chanson lol!

    C'est pas bieeeen! Moi j'aime bien avoir les vraies copies des albums que j'aime vraiment, sinon c'est vrai qu'il m'arrive quand même d'en télécharger^^
    J'ai tous les cd de coldplay, de blur (me manque que le premier :tongue:), de arcade fire, de gorillaz, et pas mal d'autres aussi!
    D'ailleurs tu as vu que Gorillaz a sorti un nouvel album pour Noël? Damon l'a fait sur son Ipad pendant leur tournée aux USA, c'est très électronique, mais franchement je m'attendais pas à aussi bien :}

    Et joyeux Noël à toi aussi!! :kiss:
    Quelle horreur, c'est pas humain ça D:

    En effet, tu fais partie des "gens avec des bons goûts musicaux" sur last.fm :tongue:
    Que 3 chansons? Lesquelles? Je me suis acheté l'album London Calling y'a pas longtemps et toutes les chansons sont bien, mais sinon mes préférées c'est Should I stay or should I go, Rock the Casbah, London Calling, the Guns of Brixton et Train in Vain!
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