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  • oh my god we got 9 yellow card and one red. :dead: but that man was for spain, you could see that clearly! well we didn't really played fair :rolleyes: but spain got away with alot! x.x so unfair. and after 2 hours of stress, losing in the last 3 mins. i CRIED! i really cried. :( seriously whole holland was orange, everyone was going home after the game, it was so sad. but we are still really proud.. they made it at least to the finals heh. in two years, with this team, we maybe can win the european cup! haha :p but we welcomed our boys in amsterdam. they were on a boat in those little canals, 10 lines besides to it, everybody throwing flowers, big party for them, it was so amazing to see.. aaaaaaah:heart:
    yeah iknow! sneider is my fav player of the team haha (A) number 10! he is quite populair over here, he plays in italy and he is going to marry with Yolanthe (a famous woman in the netherlands, i REALLY dont like her haha :p). omg if we had to play againt germany that would be really funny, cause i live close to the german border! but when they lost we made a little round on our bikes through germany, it was REALLY funny. i REALLY hope we win tomorrow!! its gonna be hard but ig, than we gonna have a LOOOONG party! monday i also partied till early in the morning haha. glad youre on our side now :heart: thats really sweet!
    haha thank you! i was watching the match yesterday and then i thougt of you! haha! but we won but that doesn't mean that you guys didn't play well:blush: the last 5 minutes i was so nervous that you guys were going to score! i was standing there like MAKE IT STOP! STOP IT!! WHISTLE AAAAH >.< haha. it was a really amazing match to watch!! btw, how are you?? :heart:
    omg that is really amazing!!!! pics? :blush: im sooooo happy for you! being so close is such a beautiful experience, so rare, that feeling. amazing :heart: it's a great memorie! what are you going to do with the butterflys??:D
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