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  • so i was at the U2 studios again..
    but its just because the area around there is so nice :p
    i guess they are touring at the moment so i will not meet them..
    i took some pictures last week!
    will upload them to my flickr when i got more time ok!?
    how was your loooong week?.. :nice:
    ah and yes i have a facebook. why? :D
    do you have a PM function?
    Wow! 5! That's a big party :lol: 2 is quieter than 5 but I think 5 would be a lot of fun :)

    J'ai etudie le francais pendant 4 ans avant que je suis arrive ici en Montreal. J'ai pense que je peux parler le francais, communiquer avec le et comprendre tous. Malheureusement, c'est pas vrai!

    L'accent Quebecois est ATTERANT!!! Je ne peux pas comprendre les gens quand ils parlent :( Je deteste l'accent! C'est degoute! :p

    So just a warning, if you want to come visit Canada, you have to prepare for the French here :p hahaha
    What do you want to be may I ask?
    Ah! Je souhaite d'habiter en France! It's a pretty common dream, no? :p

    oui :) C'est moi dans l'avatar. Sorry to disappoint :lol:
    Are your siblings also into Coldplay? I only have one younger brother and he doesn't like coldplay :(
    How many siblings have you got?
    beautiful holidays? are you kidding? i am working damn hard :dozey:
    YOU may have nice holidays :nice: have you??
    we have no internet on bord. only fake plastic trees : /
    i'm doing this cause i thought it could be nice to be free and to be outside all day.
    its also possibility to find out what i want..
    through this training i also get the admission to study.
    at the moment i cannot study at a university for example because of my education..
    but afterwards i can!
    so maybe i start social working then.... :)

    so i had another walk into dublin today, nice as always.. but i found a special place!
    i coincidentically found the "U2" studios!!! there was a street with graffiti and writings on the wall.
    it was all written about U2 and bono and stuff..
    so i asked in a bar near to this place what it is about that there is written so much about U2..
    then i got told its the U2 studios where they started their careers and still produce music!

    so long..
    hope to hear from you soon :hug:
    Oh they're hiding? hahaha :lol:
    I do speak Arabic! and a little Czech :)

    And no, I have a home in Czech Republic but I don't live there. I'm living in Montreal, Canada now!
    Oh la la! France! Je devine que vous parlez le francais non?
    Qu'est que vous faites en France? Vous etudiez? :)
    There are Arabians here? :lol: I didn't know that! Are you Arab? (Arabs are pretty awesome but we're heavy if you know what I mean :p )

    Do you know the Czech Republic? I am half Czech, half Iraqi. So technically I'm half Arab :)
    What about you, where are you from?
    hahaha no, don't worry I freaked out when it happened the 1st time too :p
    I'm good, how are you? :hug:
    sorry that I haven't been on that much, I've been so damn fucking busy lately.. it's crazy really :freak:
    lol, I think that what happened is this, a troll posted something stupid, you were the 1st on in posting on that thread so when the troll was removed, all his post were removed and well that made you the one who posted it, even though, we know you didn't... it has happened to me too, so don't worry :nice:
    really? i didnt tell you? shame on me! so i didnt say good bye as well.. i am on bord since 10 weeks now. i have to do 20 weeks more! maybe i will have a short break after 16 weeks if the company allows me to..
    i only travel between rotterdam and dublin... very boring!.. but maybe i get on another ship in september and maybe they change my route into bremerhaven-rotterdam-antwerp-casablanca! that would be nice!
    but well, dublin is nice of course! and the people here are very kind! i am sitting in the seamans mission centre to join internt here weekly.. its always funny to talk to the old man here drinking irish tea :)
    i will go into the city now. i only have little time..
    have a good time so far! and listen to good music!! :hug:
    heey! no more scientist? :nice:
    i am once in a week in dublin!
    seamans life is a hard life so far..
    i cant wait for december when my on board training is over.
    do you know anybody in dublin i could meet with?
    i am lonely ^^
    how are you??
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