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Oct 8, 2014
May 13, 2007
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Acquired Taste, from à l'ouest rien de nouveau!

Ahlem was last seen:
Oct 8, 2014
    1. Matter-Eater Lad
    2. Darlene_Ihnfsa
    3. Matter-Eater Lad
      Matter-Eater Lad
      Haha doing better now after the worst/craziest year of my life! How are you? Did you delete your facebook?
    4. Matter-Eater Lad
      Matter-Eater Lad
      Hey, I miss you. Where'd you go?
    5. S.@.m.
    6. ivet
      Thank you :D
    7. blue_girl
    8. BerrymanGirl1
    9. S.@.m.
      [email protected]
      write more more more! :dance: i m very interested to get news from someone being involved a bit!!..
      i can imagine that it will be hard to choose the next president! but at least there is a chance for a change now!! good things happen!
      ben ali is da shit^^ yeah :wacko:

      bye bye have a good night!
      i m going out now (to see some girls :p)
    10. S.@.m.
      [email protected]
      no problem;) take your time for answering :p

      no there was no woman on my ship :worried:
      and NO i will NOT turn gay. :rolleyes:

      sounds better now for tunisia..there is the possibility for a change now!
      but why is the shit in malta now? did he go to malta??

      i feel happy for you :)
    11. S.@.m.
      [email protected]
      edited: :shocked: anarchy now? :cool:
    12. S.@.m.
      [email protected]
      well of course everyone speaks english there but they speak a very bad english. especially the philippino guys. always missunderstandings and stuff. one of them said that i speak very good and it is themselfs who speak worse (so it's not only my opinion - i never told them that they speak bad english..but they do:p). the "problem" it s not just the language.. it s to be at sea and to meet no other people! aaaaaaaannnnd: to see no womans :p :D

      i totally understand that the people in tunisia are angry with the government!
      i m only afraid for them because the government has weapons, the normal citicens dont have..
      i hope your family and friends is good??
    13. S.@.m.
      [email protected]
      so you havent been around cp.ing as well? :wacko:

      ...well, yes you are right i also had good times on my trip. i was nearly everywhere in the mediterranean sea! barcelona, marseille, genoa, piraeus, istanbul, mersin/turkey, ashod/israel, haifa, poti/georgia, port said/egypt, rijeka/croatia, koper/slovenia, venezia, ancona and more.. :nice: but i have to say that i felt very lonely at times. i was the only one speaking my language amongst philippinos and ukrainian and russian people. it s a hard life to pretend to be a seaman you know. i could only go ashore 2 times in 3 1/2 months! 3 hours in marseille after the first 2 weeks and then again in koper at christmas in the end.. to come home after such an experience is the best feeling ever!

      are there friends or family members involved in these scenes in tunisia? everyone okay there? i didnt get the point in the news why the situation is like that now. at least YOU are safe in france right!?
    14. Darlene_Ihnfsa
      yay finally news from you and you be around again.
      i was worrying much.

      i don't know if you noticied, but i opened Indo a thread :wacky:
      i'm ok, recoving from a cold while preparing exams.
    15. Darlene_Ihnfsa
      hey there ahlem.
      i was wondering how are you doing?
      didn't saw you around in a while. :worried:
      i hope everything is fine :)
    16. rudy_o
    17. BerrymanGirl1
      good then :D
      hot there? at least it changes soon its hot here everyday
      oui je suis etudier le francais :)
    18. Al-Hassan
      Ah oui! C'est vrai, je m'ennuie de cette forum mais je pense quand les nouvelles de la prochaine album emergent, je vais venir ici beaucoup :P

      C'est mes grandparents irakiens! Ils habitent a jordanie pour le moment mais ils nous visitent :)

      Ah summer! How was your summer? Did you use it productively?
      I enjoyed mine and I'm ready for university :D
      It is my first year :uhoh: but I'm excited! New place, new people, new everything!

      J'aime la biologie alors je n'ai pas une probleme avec les etudes mais je pense le medecin sera tres difficile. Je veux faire la plomberie des couer :lol: alors la chirurgie! :P C'est trop difficile mais si je l'aime, I dont mind :)

      Yes, Ramadan! We fast here also 16 hours! But I find things to do during the day so I forget about it and it passes easily :)

      Good luck in university! What will you start now? Excited? Nervous? :)
    19. Al-Hassan
      How are you??
      Ah je suis desole, I was very busy and didn't sign in here for a looong time!
      A lot has happened, mes grandparents sont arrive ici et ils habitent avec nous maintenant. Aussi, Ramadan a commence et c'est pas tres facile :P

      Et vous? Qu'est-ce que ce passe? Je ne suis pas trop brave pour essayer parler le francais car mes erreurs grammaticales. Je suis embarasse :lol:

      What have you been up to? I leave to start university in 20 days and I am nervous/excited! I am doing microbiology! :D C'est difficile mais j'adore la biologie et je souhaite d'etre medecin :)

      Est-ce que tu ecoute le nouveau album de Arcade Fire? C'est magnifique!!
      I will leave Quebec soon so that means no more Quebecois accent :P C'est mieux! ;)
    20. S.@.m.
      [email protected]
      the link doesnt work for me :wacko:
      oh its a dusty place! :D but all around nice!
      yes and in the backyard there is a lot of green!
      its direct at the waterside! i know you want to see pictures!
      be patient okay!? :nice:
      my week was like nothing special as well..
      yay 3 weeks more and i go home for 2 weeks!
      then sealing again until christmas :/
      have a good week again ahlem! :hug:
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