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  • Don't worry I do that too (or at least most of the times):p
    Thank you again :kiss:

    I could use a baseball bat but that would entail buying a new laptop, :thinking: would that be all bad though?? I need one badly... Fuckin IE i hate it so i don't use it anymore, I use Safari and it seems to be working just fine. My dad uses IE and it's always giving him problems, I told him to use the Firefox he's got installed but he wont do it.

    Fix it soon :D, we need some Ab here man pronto!!!! The live blog is killing me, so many good pics and i'm getting sad cuz it will all be over in a matter of hours :cry: oh well I'll get over it.

    I'm doing good, had some good times with my friend last night. We went to see John Legend :wacky: the man is a machine, he played for like 2 hrs without a break, not even a water one :D!! Totally awesome. His opening act was really good too Laura Izabore , i think i have her last name right, she's from Ireland but didn't sound like it, except when she was passionate about what she was saying at the moment :lol:

    Well I'll be talking to ya soon my Abby Bear :heart: :hug:
    :dance: gahhh! Thank you....!

    and what happened to the 2 other gifs you posted? :thinking: I remember seeing 4 of them and then i came back and there were only 2.....?!
    Your so sneaky.... where did they go?! :shrug:
    Damn freakin slow ass internet !!! :whip::whip:

    How the hell ya been?! Still missing my Ab in the thread :cry:. the n00bs still don't have a clue :whatever: I've even posted some stuff it just goes right over their heads :rolleyes: anyway enough of that shit.....

    How ya been ??!!! :D
    can I say what lovely pressies you left !! :wacky:
    glad your computer is back up to fighting speed :whip::whip:
    oh, and btw Abby, in all my silliness i forgot to tell you that you got the wrong part of the video :p
    but that just means more than one gif! :sneaky:

    i wanted that part at 4:18....pleez :D
    haha no worries chica! i get it :sneaky:
    i jizzed my pants when i saw it. now THATS embarrassing, what with me...not being a male...:inquisitive:

    oOH! thankies! :dance:
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