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  1. yevnu whol
  2. gevny stivin
  3. Louisol
    A ball of emotional shit. Coldplay forever.
  4. jemni stivin
  5. sehsy stivin
  6. fevni whol
  7. Tamires Barel Tonetto
    Tamires Barel Tonetto
    <3 You're a sky... You're a sky full of stars... You're such a heavenly view... <3
  8. Joanne L.
    Joanne L.
    I can't believe the AHFOD era is almost ending, it feels like a part of me is being taken away :(
  9. Joanne L.
    Joanne L.
    Coldplayer till the end of time. The end.
  10. kebni stivin
  11. prospekts_march
    believe in love :-)
  12. gerby stivin
  13. Shreya1975
    In You I See Someone Special
  14. kewby whol
  15. MagicParachutes
    slowly breaking through the daylight...
  16. leminy stivin
  17. lesyni whol
  18. Carolina*
    Now the sky could be blue
  19. nesin whol
  20. ColdplayLover2011
    "Fixing up a car to drive in it again. Searching for the water, hoping for the rain, Up and up, Up and up..."