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  1. SprayCanSoulGuy
    I'm so sorry for not being on here for so long! I promise I'll get back to making more fan albums for you all! <3
  2. dariusz
    Omlet niskokaloryczny to powinien być początek dnia dla każdego! Niczym tak sie nie najesz jak właśnie omletem niskokalorycznym.
  3. suman dev
  4. InfinityColdplay
    Coldplay is my sky full of TANZAKU stars...
  5. ColdplayIsArt
    Gonna come on out and burn the sky
  6. syfdnt
    syfdnt tyler21
  7. Mejoberry
    And I Swerve Out Of Control
  8. dallin
    dallin Crests
    hi who loves coldplay!!!
  9. Frank_Hates_You
    Are you looking for tabs, chords or guitar pro files? ask me on fb: facebook.com/FrankHateYou
  10. luislikesthis
    A Rush Of Dreams To The Head
  11. spotifygrati
  12. LiangWenHao
    LiangWenHao TheMaxynator
    hello! could you send me the link about the multitracks ? thank you so much already! :)
  13. gabriellepareja
  14. Padrós Rios
    Padrós Rios
    Hello Coldplayers! I've got nothing to say besides the fact that I love Jonny and the Fender Telecaster Thinline!
  15. joeoafc
    joeoafc jason`101070
    Hi, I saw your post on the ticket exchange thread. I have three general admission tickets for the Cardiff show on the 11th July (which includes unreserved seating on the first tier) if you were interested in buying? If you are, send me an email on [email protected] Thanks!
  16. Square1.36
    Living in perfect symmetry.
  17. Happy B
    Happy B
    Hi Coldplayers!It's my first time to see the coldplay in person,can I have an advice which seat to choose? will see them in Metlife. Thanks.
  18. chrisnotmartin
    In a telescope lens and when all you want is friends.
  19. kaisin
    Look at the stars...
  20. rrc.phoenix0325
    rrc.phoenix0325 Coeurli

    What is the best way to share a contest with the fan base here at Coldplaying? Please see details here: https://sutherlandbipolarcenter.tapkat.org/wincoldplaytickets

    Any assistance to help us spread the word would be amazing. Can you help or have any suggestions?

    Many thanks -=- Rachel, Sutherland Bipolar Center