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  1. jere marila
  2. KathiDexter
  3. urfletin sper
  4. milke naamu
  5. harvey watto
    harvey watto
  6. falakde khuna
  7. Yellow Strawberry
    Yellow Strawberry
    Cannot wait until October!!
  8. Hamza Tariq
    Hamza Tariq
    Anyone wanting to buddy up for coldplay concert on Aug 25 in Houston?
  9. Saket
    Saket Batman
    Hey, weird request from an era gone by but do you happen to have (know?) how to get a replica (or original?) Viva La Vida jacket that Chris or the band members wore during that era?
  10. MX_Jim
  11. JimmyD
    JimmyD the3jr
    Hey man, I'm your biggest fan. Wanna go to the show in Chicago with me?
  12. Tony Rojas
    Tony Rojas
    How much will you pay for a unique Coldplay Acoustic version of The Scientist, Yellow and Don´t Panic that just 3 people in the world has?
  13. MarckozZ
    "If you love me, won't you let me know?"
  14. Jordan Marcio
    Jordan Marcio BiggerStronger
    Hello BiggerStronger, in relation to your post "If you could have dinner with 7 people..." I remember, when I started listening to Coldplay I thought a lot of Jesus, Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln, Moses, and others sitting on a table with me while listening to Coldplay's music. I joined this site today and found your post and I was surprised. Is there a Phycological explanation for this?
  15. Jordan Marcio
    Jordan Marcio
    Listening to Coldplay
  16. joecortazzo
    Hypnotised is my new favorite Coldplay song!!
  17. Taikatalvi
  18. Marie anothers arms
    Marie anothers arms
    Can't wait to see you guys in July ❤
  19. Mohammed Essam
    Mohammed Essam
    And in the end we lie awake, And we dream of making our escape.
  20. mrclmonteiro
    i don't know where i'm going and i wanna talk.