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  • Will Champion to star in Game of Thrones

    3 4.62%
  • Chris playing a new song for soundcheck in Auckland

    9 13.85%
  • Anthony Martin playing cricket

    2 3.08%
  • Live 2012 being screened in cinemas around the globe

    41 63.08%
  • The Sunrise gig (where Anthony got interviewed!)

    7 10.77%
  • The Rocket Man cover

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  • The media reaction to the "3 year hiatus"

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    Default 12 Coldplay Months of 2012: November (in which the band start a "3 year hiatus")

    Ahhh November. What a month for Coldplay and company. The Australasian tour, Live 2012, the announcement (and subsequent postponement) of the Latin American tour, the announcement of the US shows with Jay-Z, possible name for LP6, the “three year hiatus”… Oh the drama!

    Game Of Thrones
    The wonderfully busy month began with the announcement of Will Champion’s appearance in the TV series Game Of Thrones in 2013. Apparently he is going to play well… er… a drummer. March 31 2013 is the airing date for the USA. Could this be the start of an acting career for Mr Champion? Only time will tell…

    Blog no. 1
    Roadie #42 graced us with his presence for the first time in November on the 6th, with tales from the mile high club. Quite literally, as he was quite high in the air. 30,000 feet in the air. WiFi on a plane? A thing of the future.

    Live 2012 reviews
    Reviews were starting to pop up all about the place for the imminent release of Coldplay’s Live 2012 DVD. Generally the media feedback was quite good. Digital Spy, for example gave it a quite wonderful 5 stars out of 5!

    “F*** the haters, f*** the critics and f*** modesty.”

    Blog no. 2
    The next Roadie #42 blog that appeared on came from the first stop on the band’s touring schedule: Auckland. And what a doozey it was.

    The most significant story of this blog was the arrival of Coldplay to Mt.Smart Stadium, straight after their plane landing in New Zealand, and going full pelt into a sound check. Albeit one with a “giggly, daft air”. Clearly the sheer exhaustion from a 28 hour flight had sent them a little insane. The blog also featured the positively charming Mr Anthony Martin (Mr Christopher Martin’s father), who was seen playing cricket with Phil Harvey.

    An interesting tidbit from Auckland was Chris testing a song back from the studio days at the soundcheck. Of course this caused quite a stir amongst the Coldplayers. A new song you say? Seeing as though we haven’t had a new one since October 2011 when Mylo was released this certainly was exciting news!

    Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand, 10.11.2012
    “You've come through the traffic and the ticket prices and we're so grateful, in return we're going to try to play the best f***ing concert of our lives.”



    It would seem the only bad thing to be said from the media on the Auckland show was that the sound was muddy and the vocals were mostly unintelligible. But hey, it’s Coldplay. We all know what was being sung. So that would’ve been extra reason for fans to sing every word at the top of their lungs!
    Overall, another fabulous gig, and despite a bit of jetlag, the boys slogged it out to a very receiving New Zealand audience. And did it look like they hadn’t played a show in 6 weeks? No. No it didn’t.

    Announcement of 3 US shows - with Jay-Z!
    November 11th brought to us the announcement of the band’s three new shows: in Connecticut on December 29, in New York on December 30 and a New Year’s Eve show with none other than rapper Jay-Z. (Again).

    This was very exciting news for New York fans, as it marked the first shows in the state since the X&Y tour in September 2005. And with Jay-Z set to join them onstage on New Year’s Eve it should prove to be a very good (and very busy!) few days for the band and fans alike.

    Announcement of Latin American tour! finally officially confirmed seven shows in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico for February 2013 on the 13th. It followed months of speculation in the media and on the forums that the band were due back in Latin America early 2013.
    05.02.2013 - Estadio do Morumbi, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    07.02.2013 - Estadio do Zequinha, Porto Alegre, Brazil
    09.02.2013 - Estadio Unico de la Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    12.02.2013 - Estadio Monumental, Santiago, Chile
    15.02.2012 - Foro Sol, Mexico City, Mexico
    18.02.2013 - Estadio 3 de Marzo, Guadalajara, Mexico
    19.02.2013 - Estadio Universitario, Monterrey, Mexico

    Unfortunately, as we all know, this tour was later postponed (not cancelled) on the 16th. Are the Grammy’s the cause of this? Quite possibly.

    Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, Australia, 13.11.2012
    “We’ve got the best fans in the world, I don’t care what anyone says.”


    The first show of the Australian leg, and WOW was it amazing! The craziest fan from Melbourne camped out overnight, and she was with me when we ran in and got barrier right in front of Guy. The sound had improved remarkably from Auckland and that was probably thanks to the perfect shape of the stadium. The chants travelled extremely well around it too! The band were on great form for the whole night and had clearly gotten into a bit more sleep since the previous show.

    Overall, a fantastic show. The fireworks, the lasers, the confetti, the balloons… as put perfectly:
    “Coldplay don’t do subtle. Nor should they.”

    Perhaps the understatement of the century, but we get what they mean.

    @jayreg1969: “Thanks Melbourne for having us, what a great crowd, very Loud, lots energy, so much could feel floor bouncing during Charlie Brown.”

    @coldplay: “Melbourne & Auckland audiences were out of this world; thankyou!!!! CM”

    Live 2012 is screened worldwide in cinemas
    A rare treat for Coldplayers around the globe on the 13th and 14th was the chance to see our boys on the big screen, with Coldplay Live 2012 being shown in cinemas.

    It went down very well. Very well indeed. The general consensus from media and fans was that it was an emotion charged 90 minutes, and the surround sound and huge screen made it feel like you were right back there again.

    Studio time in Sydney?
    As mentioned in #42’s blog, the band squeezed in some studio time while in Sydney. How they managed to do that and all the other things they had lined up perplexes me to this day.

    @coldplay: “My view from in the studio in Sydney.”

    The Sunrise gig, Sydney, Australia, 15.11.2012
    “Supermodels are not paid enough in this country and we are going to take a stand on this.”


    Ahhh, the Sunrise gig. Those were the days.

    Gates opened at a horrendous 5:30am for a 6:30am start. My two friends and I read on the tickets: “gates open at 5:30am. We recommend you arrive early.” We thought this meant “people will be camping out all night, it’s going to be crazy, lots of crazy fans.” So we showed up, with no sleep all night, at 12am. We were the first ones there. Surprised? We were shocked. First in line. The crew were still there testing all the lights but there wasn’t a single other fan in sight.

    Anyway, so when the band finally took to the (very small) stage at 7:30am, they looked exhausted. Will and Jonny in particular seemed as though they could’ve used another hour or so sleep. But they played their four songs with full gusto regardless.

    Just before they played Charlie Brown, Chris was kind enough to pop down in front of the barrier to greet a select few of us. He shook my hand. The conversation went as follows:
    Chris: “what’s your name?”
    Me: “April!”
    Chris: “April? That’s a lovely name.”
    Me: “THANK YOU.”
    Chris: “are you coming to any of our other shows?”
    Me: “I’m going to all the shows you’re playing in Australia!”
    Chris: “wow, that’s incredible!”
    Me :*dies inside*
    Chris: *indicates to my painted shirt* “did you paint that yourself?”
    Me: “YES.”
    Chris: “that’s great, we paint all our own shit too.”
    Me: “I know, you’re amazing!”
    He shook my hand again and then went back to the stage, saying “I have to go back to work”. Pretty good job if you ask me.

    After this, an interview with Chris and Jonny hinted that the band have already got a name for LP6. And it’s going to be a pronounceable one too! Success for all the interviewers in the world!


    @coldplay: “Chris's dad being interviewed on Australian telly, total superstar. R42”

    Allianz Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 17.11.2012
    “If you’re the age of 19 you’ve gotta jump jump jump!”


    The first fan arrived at 2:30am. The organization of the line for general admission was terrible. But the show was incredible. Definitely the loudest crowd of the tour. We had the addition of a beautiful cover of Rocket Man, mainly because Elton John just happened to be touring Australia at the same time and just happened to be in attendance of the Coldplay show that night.

    [ame=""]Coldplay - Rocket Man (Elton John cover) @ Allianz Stadium, Sydney 17/11/12 - YouTube[/ame]

    Just incredible. The band were feeding off the energy from the crowd. Great show. Even from high up in seating where I was, it was still perfection.

    @oxfamontour: “I've never heard a crowd sign back a song so loud and so for long. Well done Sydney you won hands down!! Amazing!”

    @jayreg1969: “SYDNEY crowd tonight was awesome and LOUD!!”

    Allianz Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 18.11.2012
    “I would like to thank that little boy [who compared him to Angus Stone] for making me feel like a million dollars all the way down to two.”



    This time I was first in line, at 4:30am. Worth it? Absolutely. Barrier in front of Guy again! Yet another amazing show, not quite the same energy in the crowd as the 17th, but still incredible. At the end of the show Chris kissed the stage. 4 gigs down, 1 to go!

    @coldplay: “Dave and me and the band. PH”

    @jayreg1969: “what a great night again Sydney, thanks for having us, it was a blast !!!”
    @jayreg1969: “just before show time”

    @jayreg1969: “getting packed up ! Good bye Sydney !!!”

    Live 2012 is go!

    By this point in the month, Live 2012 was out everywhere, and everyone was enjoying the first live film since Live 2003.

    The film went down very well with the critics too it would seem. Contact Music wrote:
    “While the more cynical members of the record buying public may not view Coldplay as being 'cool', even they couldn't deny that Live 2012 is somewhat of a triumph.”

    While for Coldplayers it seemed to be an emotional rollercoaster, especially if you’d seen the MX tour. But overall most seemed impressed and amazed by the spectacular compilation of Coldplay’s hits performed live, and all packed onto the one dvd!

    Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, Australia, 21.11.2012
    “Thank you for giving us the best job in the world.”


    The last show of the tour brought with it a great energy from the band (yet again). And once again Chris promised that they’d play “the best fucking show of your life”. And while it may not have been the best in Coldplay history, it certainly was a fantastic end. Without a doubt. I was on the barrier in front of Guy again and it was just splendid.
    Oh, and Chris burped during Us Against The World again. It was cute.

    “God put a smile upon your face, 50,000 Queenslanders in one place.”

    With a quick cover of My Happiness by Powderfinger, Chris added: “we miss you Powderfinger”.

    [ame=""]Coldplay - My Happiness (Powderfinger Tribute) Brisbane 21Nov2012 - YouTube[/ame]

    And then, as if the media didn’t have enough to go crazy about, he said: “this is our last big show for three years or so.” I was there. He didn’t mean they’re going on a hiatus. He meant they’re not touring Australia again for three years. And when he said “I don’t want to stop”? He was referring to the singalong at the end of Paradise. Not touring. Just saying that for the record.

    But regardless of that, it was a phenomenal show. A phenomenal show and a phenomenal tour. Just perfect.

    @jayreg1969: “Last Show of the 2012 MX Tour Tonight !! I hope going be a great show !”
    @coldplay: “Just finished in Brisbane: thank you to that and all of the other amazing audiences we have had recently. We are very grateful. CM”
    @jayreg1969: “its a wrap !!!! BRISBANE was amazing!! Great way end the Stadium shows 2012”

    Chris Martin says: “3 year hiatus is rubbish”
    The Daily Star reported on November 30:
    “Coldplay fans have got an early Christmas present: the band is secretly working on a new album.”

    Er… well, yeah? Didn’t we already know that? Doesn’t make it very secret does it?

    Have Coldplay ever stopped writing altogether? Pretty much no. So I don’t think anyone was surprised when Chris explained the three year break thing was regarding the fact that world tours generally do take that long to come back to a country. Of course the band aren’t on a “break”.

    Calm down fangirls. Calm down.

    Miscellaneous facts
    - Coldplay Live 2012 enters the charts at number 1 in the UK!
    - Guy tries to track down the previous owners of a Maserati 3500GT. Can you help?
    - The free Mylo Xyloto art exhibition opens in London in support of Kid’s Company.

    I hope you all enjoyed November. I know I did. And I'm sure the boys did too. Apologies for the lack of embedded videos. My safari said "no, I'm going to crash if you try to do that."
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    brilliant review, thankyou!

    I voted Sunrise, isn't that right boy?
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    Loved reading the review, really well done!

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    Thanks for a wonderful review. In fact all reviews have been wonderful, and your review is no exception.
    Roskilde 5 July 2009
    Herning 16 August 2009


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    Wonderful review!

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    Wow, seems to be quite a thorough review! Thank you!

    As I type I haven't decided yet my favourite November event, but *least* favourite was these meanies cancelling Latin America Tour ()

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    Great review!
    Originally Posted by Viva_La_Coldplay;5497663

    And ohmygod I had seen all the other pics but I didn't remember this one!
    Holycrap that look
    A very dazzled Coldplay fan

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    I didn't know Chris played a new song?! Sweetness.

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    Best part for me was seeing Live 2012 at the cinemas.
    Of course it was heavily influenced by the fact that they had announced the Latin American tour dates earlier that day, but we know how that turned out

    Thanks for the review!
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    Thanks for the great review. Again, I loved to read all this! *chappeau*

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