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    Default Bootleg Recording - How To...for Uploading, Etc

    Hello! I need some help!

    I have a not too shabby bootleg recording of the Vancouver show from Sat April 21st 2012,
    as well as a few audio clips from the soundcheck (I work there), notably "Sparks"!!!, off my old iPhone.

    I'm not sure how to transfer my "voice memos" from the iPhone to the computer.
    I have read online that when my phone is connected to iTunes,
    I can sync my music and checkmark the "Include voice memos" option.

    My phone is currently not in sync with my iTunes for music and when I do choose the option of syncing,
    it'll obviously replace the current music on my phone. I'm wondering if it'll delete my voice memos or will it be safe?

    Once I successfully transfer the memos to my computer, is someone able to help me with my bootlegs
    and fix the sound quality & split the recording in to separate song tracks?
    and help with the uploading portion to share with the forum?

    PS: I didn't start recording until "In My Place" b/c I was busy with work,
    and there's also background noise from people moving around/chatting/random noises (I haven't listened to my recording)
    As well, it seems like my recording for the last 20mins of the show didn't really work...ahhhh!!!

    Thank you,

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    Hi there Kerry
    You could one of the following options:

    1) You can do a backup of your iphone before syncing so that way you won't lose any data and then be able to transfer your files safely.
    2) If the files are not too big, you can send them straight to your email and then download it on your computer.

    PS: Voice Memos from the iphone don't really record concerts that well since it tends to pick up a lot of noise so I'm not sure who would be able to help you in editing it.

    I can't think of anything else of how you can transfer your files other than maybe idisk? But I'm not really sure

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    If it's like my Nokia, then voice memos can be sent to another device using Bluetooth, so if you have a bluetooth adapter-thingie for your computer then you could try sending them to your documents via bluetooth.

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