I think it's a good idea for Chris Martin to loko around him and see the world!! And a big part of that world right now is glorious R&B. I think it's good that Coldplay is looking at contemporary trends in music and just gets with them. The more diversity to their songs, the better, I say!

This will be like a, like a revolution. Like Muse always sings bout revolution in their songs, but Christ Martin will actually lead us on the path!!

The path, the path of contemporary society.

I think it's great Coldplay is showing thier true COLOURS (and COLOURS BEING A BIG PART OF THIS ERA!!) by being so alternative that they can just PULL OFF! Stuff like this. And I'm sure we'll get it in brilliant song format, because experiments are important, but you got to tone it down to make it fit into good songs, else no one will want to listen haha.

So that's my 2 cents!~ let my voice be heard. This will surely brighten up my cocktailparties with my high class college friends. Viva la Martin!