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    Default 12 Coldplay Months of 2010: AUGUST (5 Crests of Waves)

    Coldplay's final video of the Viva la Vida era was nominated for best Breakthrough Video at this year's MTV Video Music Awards

    The music video for Strawberry Swing premiered on 4 Music and Channel 4 on 29 July 2009. The video was being scrutinized by the media for supposedly being "fake". Chris Martin, the frontman of Coldplay, did a live interview with CNN and provided documented proof from the record company. CNN anchor Bryan Lewis reportedly said "There is no way in hell this video could be fake. The artists took their time and created an incredible video." The music video prominently features stop animation, with vocalist Chris Martin against the ground on which chalk drawings are elaborately animated.
    Kenny, from the video makers Shynola, said he had been worried the Coldplay singer may not have been able to put up with the physically demanding shoot, having tested out some of the poses Martin would have to do. The director said: "Chris Martin is incredibly fit, he's absolutely ripped. I'm sure he won't mind me saying that. He could do everything really well. He does loads of yoga and we had lots of bits where he was on a trolley and it was physically really difficult for him. I did it for about 10 seconds as a test and after that my hips were hurting so much I just felt incredibly old. After that I thought, 'We are either gonna kill him, or we're going to get sued'," he said.
    The video begins with Martin waking up in his house. Once he sees that a woman is being held hostage by a giant squirrel, he turns into a superhero and attempts to save her. Along the way, Martin faces attacks from the squirrel and a giant fish in the ocean. When Martin finally gets to the squirrel's home, he rescues the lady by drawing a nut-shaped bomb that blows the squirrel up. The two then fly away and begin to kiss. The animation suddenly stops and Martin gets up off the chalk colored floor and walks away. The music video was directed by Shynola.


    The other Nominees were:

    The Black Keys "Tighten Up" - Winner
    Dan Black "Symphonies"
    Gorillaz/ Bobby Womack & Mos Def "Stylo"

    Also in August, coldplay.com was nominated at the BT Digital Music Awards as Best Official Website. And also this award went to another band - Muse won.

    Coldplay renew Universal publishing deal

    Coldplay has extended its publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group to cover future song writing. Financial terms or the length of the contract was not revealed. Universal has been the band’s publisher since 2007 when the music major acquired BMG Music Publishing, the group's original publisher.

    Caroline Elleray, current head of A&R, Universal Music Publishing U.K., had originally signed the multiple Grammy-winning four-piece to BMG Music Publishing in 1999. In a statement, Paul Connolly, president of Europe and U.K., Universal Music Publishing, hailed the band as "all that's great about music today."

    Connolly went on to say: "They're incredibly talented, they write fantastic songs, and they deliver amazing shows to their fans. They've sold over 50 million albums worldwide and their huge success is entirely deserved. We're obviously very proud to be Coldplay's publisher so it's great that we've been able to extend our relationship with them in this way".

    Dave Holmes of 3D Management, the band's manager added: "Coldplay and myself are pleased to continue our relationship with Universal Music Publishing. Paul and Caroline are the best in the business and we are happy to be a part of their ever growing family," Holmes continued.


    Jay-Z/Chris Martin song emerges online: "Most Kingz"

    A new song featuring Jay-Z [pictured] and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has emerged online. Most Kingz is a previously unreleased cut from Jay-Z's latest album, Kingdom Come, but never made it as a beat was never found. Pieces of the verses ended up on the Grammy Family freestyle on Hot97 w/ Funk Flex in 2006 as well as Coldplay’s Lost (remix).
    The track is included on a new 'Invasion Radio 2k10' mixtape by Green Lantern. According to 2dopeboyz, the track is the product of the same session in which Martin and Jay-Z recorded Kingdom Come’s 'Beach Chair', but because the Brooklyn rapper could never find a worthwhile accompanying beat, 'Most Kingz remained unreleased.


    Roadie #44 – The Beehive janitor’s blog to satisfy the masses

    So even though you all are fully aware by now that the band has not been in the studio recently (not in its entirety, anyway), you still whine about the lack of reports from the lovely Roadie #42. What exactly is it that you would like him to report, I wonder? “Hello. I’m here to report that the band isn’t in the studio right now. Goodbye.” I don’t think so. And he has been ordered to take a break anyway...

    I must say that I enjoy reviewing your analysis of 42’s previous blogs, how you read way too much into every detail, even insinuating that he hints at track titles with “quotations”, drool over the solar system bit, etc. So, with Roadie #42 on break, Roadie #43 on hiatus or M.I.A., I give you – ME. Roadie #44: the janitor of the Beehive. I’m not sure that I can come anywhere near the aforementioned in terms of storytelling, but I will try. Because you know, there’s ALL SORTS of juicy things going on when the band’s not here. Yeah.

    Janitor, you ask? Well of course; the band needs to someone to keep the Beehive relatively clean while they are away. The hours are great; it’s not your typical 9-to-5 job. Although there’s no music-making going on in the studio “at the moment”, and Roadie #42 was ordered to take a break, he does still occasionally pop in from time to time. He just can’t stay away! And I also occasionally see this tall, “lanky lad” bringing cigarettes to and from the Beehive. I haven’t asked his name, and he otherwise doesn’t look familiar. I’m just going to pretend that he’s Guy’s personal assistant.

    Aside from the occasional Roadie #42 and lanky lad sightings, the only living things keeping me company whilst cleaning are all the plants. Those. Damned. Plants. I’m a janitor, not a horticulturist. Pruning the greenery is not in my job description. You know that lounge area that he mentioned in an earlier blog? The plants are even starting to take over that area, too...

    Read the rest of the blog here: http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/sho...t=72166target=

    And not to forget - many thanks to NumbersGirl for the great idea!

    Surfer dude Chris Martin rides the waves in The Hamptons

    And at least a message from Nancy:

    "I have written a review of 2010 in relation to natural disasters.

    As the review covers all of 2010 I have found it more practical to post it separately and in the CHARITY section.


    There is also a poll: Which part did you like best and the options Part I (Haiti), Part II (Chile), Part III (Pakistan) and Part IV (other natural disasters).

    I want to know which part people preferred in terms of contents.


    Please Coldplayers take part in this ... http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=74684

    Biggest Chris Fan 2010

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    Great review!

    Originally Posted by PianoRocker
    We match perfectly, we are like two puzzle pieces and together we are the whole puzzle!

    “Ellen, congrats on your marriage! Love, Jonny from Coldplay”
    uptade, keeps: Jonny guittar playing in Christmas lights, Buckland Religion~Official Thread (PART II) and Jonny's guittar playing in Hurts like heaven

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    Nice review Nicky!!

    Biggest Guy Fan 2010 + 2011 (:

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    Danke für den Review, Nicole!!!!
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    i like the surfer dude chris

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    thank you

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