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    Default Strumming pattern for guitar (A Rush of blood to the head - title track)

    Can anyone help me out here?

    I think the main verse is

    [Am] [c]

    D D U D D D U U D D

    But it doesn't sound right and the riff doesn't end there, the problem with it is I think theres an enthisis on some chords. I also don't know the timing.

    This is the very first song I've ever tried to learn, so can someone give me the pattern and if applicable the hammer / silenced notes and timing.
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    Yes, the verse chords are Am, C or C/G, Em, Am. You can play it in standard tuning or EADGBC, which I think sounds best
    (the C/G is a standard C with a G bass - to achieve this, you put the pinky finger on the E-string's 3rd fret. If you find this difficult, just play the standard C).

    I think that when Chris plays it, he emphasises (?) the first upward stroke, and the pattern is something like this:

    Just keep on playing, and the strumming and timing will improve.
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