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  1. Yah, no problem!
    Thank you, yes I think I will too.
    Really?! Haha cool. What was your major? My brother's going for civil engineering.
    I hope your summer's going well too, yes I hope we talk soon. You need to get on more!
  2. I am so sorry that it's taken me an eternity to get back to you! Congrats on graduating and getting into Texas State I know you'll have a blast!

    Omg that's crazy, I'm actually in the process of applying to grad school at UF, lol.

    Anyway, I miss you too! Hope you're doing well and having a fun summer. Talk to you soon
  3. Indeed!
    Yah, I chose Texas State. I'm graduating tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about everything in general!
    Yah, I just got back from Florida. My brother's going to grad school at U.F. so we were checking it out/finding an apartment for him and his girlfriend.

    I miss you, I hope I talk to you again soon!
  4. Ms. Lauren! I know you're almost graduating soon! Congrats Did you ever decide what college you're going to attend? This must be such an exciting time for you...I know you'll have a blast! Anyway, hope to talk to you soon!

    P.S. I saw on FB that you're in FL! I live in North FL, lol. Hope you're having fun in the heat
  5. oh yah, true

    i know right! i hope people realize who the people are who ACTUALLY have kept the Guy thread running.

    haha yah.....SO much fun shopping with mommy
    sounds like your day was fun!
  6. oh, not for their public schools. I considered either Duke or Wake Forest, which are both private

    I agree! We def. have to campaign harder lol We can't let you guys lose over spammers

    Yeah, it's been raining like crazy over here as well. haha gotta love shopping with the parentals, right

    aww, thanks it was good...just went to lunch with friends and then shopping. Nothing too special b/c of the rain
  7. wait, is north carolina that expensive? i never would have guessed
    yah i think i'll end up making a good choice, i just have to research more i guess.

    thanks babe!
    yah Liz better win over Amy! she deserves it much much more!

    it's been good, very rainy here. and then i went bed sheets/pillows/comforters shopping with my mom which was boring, but better than being stuck in the house all day!
    i hope yours has been good too!
  8. ooh CU Boulder sounds amazing! Yeah, I wanted to go to school in NC, but it was wayyy out of my price range
    Yeah, I know what you mean about that. my friend kind of had the same dilemma. she wanted to major in dance, but ended up minoring in it b/c she found out it really is hard to make a decent living. But I'm sure you'll love whatever school and major you decide on

    anyway, yay for your nomination as Best Berrygirl '09 I really hope you and Liz win girls deserve it

    hope your day's been wonderful
  9. i went on a college visit to CU Boulder, but mostly because we were already in the area. it was gorgeous, but fucking EXPENSIVE for out of state. i'll probably still apply though.
    as for UT, i can visit there any time.
    yah, im thinking a minor in photography will be really cool.
    at first i wanted to major in it, but then i learned that it's extremely difficult for photographers to make a decent living unless they happen to become uber great/famous, which doesnt happen to most.
    goodnight lovely! see you later!
  10. yeah, i would definitely consider all options. Ooh, photography? That's nice! My friend minors in photography and she loves it...she's gotten to work on some amazing projects. Have you gone to any school tours yet?

    I understand completely. i ended up staying in FL because it is definitely cheaper and I wouldn't have lost my scholarship. But I did apply to some out of state schools, just because I thought it would have been fun to experience something different

    Anyway, I'm off for the night...I'll ttyl!
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