'True Love' poll opinions

‘True Love’ video – Coldplayer Reactions

Coldplay's 'True Love' video - Coldplayer Reactions. The official video for Coldplay's 3rd single from 'Ghost Stories' was unveiled a few days ago. The wacky video, featuring Chris Martin in a sumo suit, with his dream of becoming a dancer at the … [Read More...]

Chris ALS

Ice Bucket for a Crown? Coldplay’s ALS challenge

Ice Bucket for a crown? Coldplay's ALS challenge. We wandered when it was coming but Chris Martin has now completed the challenge set by his now ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow (and Shakira!), who took part in the #ALS Ice Bucket challenge a few days ago … [Read More...]

Radio 1 playlist

Coldplay on BBC Radio 1 playlist & new ASFOS advert

Coldplay on BBC Radio 1 playist Coldplay's 3rd single from Ghost Stories, True Love has been added to the BBC Radio 1 playlist in the UK for the upcoming week commencing 18th August. Every Coldplay song released as a single has been added to the … [Read More...]