Coldplay Performing Live At New BBC Music Awards

The announcement of the BBC’s new music awards ceremony took place this morning, as tickets to see Coldplay perform along with the likes of Calvin Harris, One Direction, Ed Sheeran and more went on sale right away to the delight of many Coldplay fans … [Read More...]


The Next Chapter Of The Ghost Stories Era

Coldplay's official newsletter, The Coldplay Messenger has thrown us a hint that another chapter is yet to come during the band's current campaign for Ghost Stories. This comes during the news of the forthcoming Ghost Stories Live 2014 DVD and after … [Read More...]

Bono - Chris Martin smiling

Bono – ‘Chris Martin is a genius’

Coldplay's Pals, U2 have been talking to The Sun Newspaper in the UK, ahead of their physical release for 'Songs Of Innocence', which conveniently landed on our iTunes libraries from mid September. In a series of statements on artists/bands such as … [Read More...]