A Sky Full of Your Stars

A Sky Full of Your Stars!

A Sky Full of Your Stars! For the next project, after the wonderful lyrics hunt before the release of Ghost Stories, Anchorman on the official Coldplay social pages has instructed fans to upload their creative pictures of their A Sky Full of … [Read More...]


Catch the latest Coldplay news & more on the go!

Latest news & more on the Tapatalk app! You can keep up with the latest Coldplaying events and Coldplay news on the go with Coldplaying on Tapatalk! The forums have been available to browse through Tapatalk for a while but the experience wasn't … [Read More...]


Ghost Stories sales so far!

Ghost Stories sales so far! It has been also two months since Coldplay released their sixth studio album, Ghost Stories to the world of excited fans. The band's latest effort is a very open and honest offering, from Chris Martin's personal lyrics … [Read More...]


Ink – Catchy, fun and upbeat!

Ink - Catchy, fun and upbeat! For next article in the series, after we looked back at the rise of first single from Ghost Stories, Magic and Guy's creative brilliance, we move on to one of the more uplifting tracks from Coldplay's new album, Ink. … [Read More...]