Coldplay - Will Champion

Happy 37th Birthday Will Champion!

Happy 37th birthday to Coldplay's much loved drummer, Will Champion! As a tribute, we asked the artistic Coldplayers among us to post their celebratory graphic. Biggerstronger provided the perfect tribute: … [Read More...]

Chris Martin Piano

Chris Martin on Piano or Guitar?

Chris Martin on Piano or Guitar? It's a tough question but it's one which has been discussed within the Coldplay community. The lead singer of Coldplay has rocked out a countless number of stadiums across the world, with his guitar, during songs like … [Read More...]

Wikicoldplay is back, and we need your help!

We are very happy to announce that Wikicoldplay, our sister site is back online! The comprehensive Coldplay Wikipedia had been offline for almost a year, as the software needed upgrading and a migration from Mediawiki to Wordpress had been planned, … [Read More...]


The Coldplaying App – Version 1.2 now available!

The new version of the Coldplaying App has been released. With the latest version, you can now attach images directly from your camera/phone! There are various bug fixes and minor improvements too. To update, simply visit 'Coldplaying' on the Google … [Read More...]