Coldplaying updates – Facebook Feed & more

There are a few updates to tell you about for the desktop version of the main site and forums. You'll notice a Facebook feed to the right of the page and a brand new poll. On the forums, there's a new Twitter feed, Instagram feed and a Tinypic … [Read More...]

Top 5 Coldplay remixes!

The Top 5 Coldplay Remixes

Coldplay are known for their melodies, rather than the ability to make dance floor fillers but with such a large appeal in the world of music, many DJ's have attempted to make their own mark on the band's work. Let's take a look at the top 5 … [Read More...]

Coldplay - Chris and Guy 2015

There could be a ‘follow-up’ to ‘Miracles’

According to photos from The Daily Mail, Coldplay seem to be initiating a recording session, for Angelia Jolie, as the now turned director and her celebrity husband, Brad Pitt were spotted following Chris Martin and Guy Berryman into Air studios in … [Read More...]