rare coldplay downloads

The 10 essential rare Coldplay downloads

The 10 essential rare Coldplay downloads Our list of 10 essential rare Coldplay downloads! Rare, acoustic and live tracks which are not available to download via popular media platforms such as iTunes and are not as well known to the majority of … [Read More...]

'True Love' poll opinions

‘True Love’ video – Coldplayer Reactions

Coldplay's 'True Love' video - Coldplayer Reactions. The official video for Coldplay's 3rd single from 'Ghost Stories' was unveiled a few days ago. The wacky video, featuring Chris Martin in a sumo suit, with his dream of becoming a dancer at the … [Read More...]

Chris ALS

Ice Bucket for a Crown? Coldplay’s ALS challenge

Ice Bucket for a crown? Coldplay's ALS challenge. We wandered when it was coming but Chris Martin has now completed the challenge set by his now ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow (and Shakira!), who took part in the #ALS Ice Bucket challenge a few days ago … [Read More...]

Radio 1 playlist

Coldplay on BBC Radio 1 playlist & new ASFOS advert

Coldplay on BBC Radio 1 playist Coldplay's 3rd single from Ghost Stories, True Love has been added to the BBC Radio 1 playlist in the UK for the upcoming week commencing 18th August. Every Coldplay song released as a single has been added to the … [Read More...]