Bono - Chris Martin smiling

Bono – ‘Chris Martin is a genius’

Coldplay's Pals, U2 have been talking to The Sun Newspaper in the UK, ahead of their physical release for 'Songs Of Innocence', which conveniently landed on our iTunes libraries from mid September. In a series of statements on artists/bands such as … [Read More...]


Chris Martin stars in the ‘Impossible Orchestra’

Chris Martin stars on the song for the new BBC initiative, BBC music. He joins an alliance to aid the charity, Children In Need by covering the Beach Boys classic, 'God Only Knows'. The song has been broadcasted across all BBC TV and Radio channels … [Read More...]

Kings of Leon with Chris Martin

Chris Martin jams with Kings of Leon on stage

Chris Martin is known to be good friends with Kings of Leon and for the second time in a few months, Chris made a surprise appearance on stage with the band, at the Hollywood Bowl the other night for their two songs, 'Talihina Sky' and 'Notion' as … [Read More...]

The rise of the Chris Martin campaign

The Rise Of The Chris Martin Campaign

Christopher Anthony John Martin, the frontman of the band which needs no introductions around here, was born 37 years ago within the historical city of Exeter, located in Devon, South West England. Chris, being the humble guy he is, has never … [Read More...]