Chris Martin owns Tidal

Chris Martin co-owns new music service, ‘Tidal’

Wandering what all the fuss is about with the Cyan coloured backgrounds on Facebook/Twitter? It was all part of the (re)launch for Jay-Z's new streaming service, 'Tidal Hifi'. The new alternative to popular services, such as Spotify wanted to … [Read More...]


[X10Y] Tracklisting and previews for ‘X&Y’

Official hashtag for 10 years of X&Y - #X10Y Warning Sign - You are about to be taken back to 10 years ago, when British magazine, NME revealed the supposed tracklisting for Coldplay's third album, X&Y and gave us a written preview of each … [Read More...]

Chris Curly hair

Chris Martin’s ‘Bad Hair’

Over certain years, mainly around 2006, Chris Martin's barnets were the center of attention! British Newspaper, The Sun, in 2006 put it this way: Chris Martin drinks fizzy water in the pub, eats a macrobiotic diet, has a daughter called Apple and … [Read More...]