Coldplaying Santa

Coldplaying Secret Santa 2014!

Its that time of year again! Secret Santa is back and you can start getting in the Christmas mood with our community of Coldplayers. Firstly, i'm sure most of us gladly listen to it in the middle of June anyway but since we're on the subject of … [Read More...]

Coldplay Midnight - Guy Laser Harp

‘Midnight’ – In the darkness, before the dawn

The track which started the wonderful 'Ghost Stories' era. The story from the beginning and a follow up to the 'Always In My Head', 'Magic', 'Ink' and 'True Love' articles throughout this era so far. Before the dawn of 'Ghost Stories' On … [Read More...]


Best of the Coldplay Oracle – 2014

'The Oracle knows everything'. The Coldplay Oracle, the ultimate source of wisdom, answers fan questions on the official website and runs #TeamOracle where Coldplayers across the globe can give advise to real world personal situations. … [Read More...]

Coldplay video production

Ben Miles : The man behind Coldplay’s live visuals

Ben Miles an acclaimed visual producer and video director who has been an integral part of recent live shows. This is an in depth read about Coldplay's visuals on the mini 'Ghost Stories' tour. Despite the tour being a more intimate affair, the band … [Read More...]